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minutes 1/20/13

Occupy UV
20 Jan 13
minutes by Karen

drinking chaga tea with passion flower too
around the table there is ‘beautiful trouble’ brewing
fresh ideas

Wealth? What is it? Community wellness?
Is crisis necessary for revolution?

“Ideology is irrelevant, it’s the mood that sets the path.” Howard Zinn

• Is everyone getting the newsletter now? YES!
• Pipeline action – Wed. 12 -1 , Lancaster NH (Pea is going and others
should too, 1.5 – 2hr drive but it’s worth it!)
• Howard Zinn Movie – 24 attendees – overall good.
• Occupy NE Gathering in Portland ME – Jan 26th (Pea is looking into
• Feb 4th – Fruit Tree Planting Meeting, 6pm CSP (opportunity for coll
aborating with other groups)
• Hartford approved a position for an Energy Coordinator! … which proves
proves that “a community that eats together prevails.” S.D.
• We are now in an energy glut with gas/oil in abundance. This will
delay development of renewable resources
• Newsletter – Send announcements etc. to Laura, James and Tim who
will work together to format and rotate responsibility. Does anyone 
else want to do the newsletter? Talk to James.
• Guns – the issue is getting on the town ballot measure to state 1. No
magazines and 2. Background checks required prior to purchase.
Hunting and automatic weapons don’t go together.
• GMOP – “75% of population wants to see term limits” says “The Hill” – good
to know this. Hopeful! Info on this topic also found on Politico

Action Items
• David is making google group for the regulars
• Everyone is putting posters up about the Tipping Point Movie event 
on Feb 8th.
• Laura and Pea interested in working on increasing the email list
• Can folks help to set up for Tipping Point – come early!

Next GA: FEB 10th, 6pm, CSP

Minutes of 10/14/12 GA meeting

Minutes of 10/14/12 GA meeting and pot-luck dinner at the Center for Sustainable Practices.

Ulrike von Moltke, Patricia Greene, Nick Cohen, Simon Dennis,
Karen Ganey, Laura Simon, Donlon Wade, Timothy Price, Christian Arvizu,
David Kano, Graham – .

Vermont Yankee: Banner Drop was a big success. 22 bridges.
ARNIE GUNDERSON advocates: Evacuation Zone should be 80 miles. ( Would spread to include Hartford, CT, Providence RI, Boston,MA., and north to Thetford, VT. And west beyond Albany, NY.)

Karen Ganey is running for the Justice of the Peace
Gathering will take place this coming Friday at Joni Cole’s House. Dance Party to Follow.

Financial Report:
Mascoma Saving’s Bank said that we would need Donlon Wade’s name on the bank account. The Upper Valley Peace & Justice Group has contributed $400 from their account, thanks to Bernie du Breuil.  The remaining balance  of $206.46 from the May 1st event was added.  After reimbursing all still owed plus a small charge for bank checks, we then will have a total of $544.20 in the bank.

Do we want other signers on account?

Foreclosure Response:
Nick said that his house was foreclosed upon on October 1st, 2012.
There should be a way to prevent foreclosures from taking place through helping owners to repurchase their properties at a discount. His mortgage holder is GMAC. Which it turns out to be Mellon Bank.
They can be approached by someone to purchase the property for 30 to 40 thousand dollars.
Bank purchased property for 97K.
Nick could sell his car and donate the money to an organization that could purchase the property.
Laura offered the use of her heated garage.
Nick will discuss with other occupy groups and research the FraudClosure groups that they have started.

Time Bank: Search profile needs to be fixed to allow a redirection. Some posters have gone up at local churches.
We need to get more people to use it. Some get-togethers have been taking place.
Is it possible to involve businesses? Perhaps the UV coop could accept the currency.
Are we ready for an article in the newspaper. Perhaps Derek could be tapped?
If people post they can get one hour for each post. Attending a timebank meeting people get a free hour.
People who have skills they wish to donate should post them. Having businesses do so as well would be helpful.
People can go into negative balance.

Election Actions:
Citizens united suggested that so many people will be at the polls this year that it would be a good place to sign people up for petitions. Patricia has found a 10×10 tent. Petition Drive to get Citizen’s United to be reconsidered.
Tim has the name of someone who is organizing statewide on monitoring the election and perhaps challenging the results in your town. NH is a swing state with a huge issue voter fraud.
Deborah Sumner. Towns along the Connecticut River were guilty of the voter fraud.
If we want to make an action of some sort, we should make a decision.
Patricia says that this is an opportunity to talk with people about issues that are important.
Karen said she would like to set up a booth, something colorful and fun.
Laura said she would like to extract herself from a previous commitment in order to
Live debate of 3rd party candidates on Oct 23rd.

Karen, Graham, Patricia, Laura Simon will be in touch with one another for the sake of pulling together a booth.

Newsletter, Direction, and Connections with other organizations.
Karen spoke in favor of print media.
We could gather the various list serves. UV activist coalition, Worker’s Center. Etc.
Could include good articles, etc. Are we going to stay within the Occupy Readership? Or do we want to look at other list serves? Patricia will be putting together a directory of possible organizations.

To build solidarity between different activist organizations, we could get together a different groups and get them to commit to a single project, such as planting fruit tree in different towns. And celebrate it afterward. Perhaps May Day would be a good day for this.
What about taking care of the trees afterward?

Next Meeting October 28th at 6:00.
At CSP., also to be a pot-luck dinner.

Next meeting topic:
Environmentalism vs. Political
Local vs. National
Constructive vs protest.

Upper Valley Activist Coalition

In the Bike Rack:
Movie Series
Educational Workshop
Sustainable Living Fair
Occupy List serve
Student Debt.

Respectfully submitted,

Simon Dennis & Timothy Price

GA minutes 6-24-2012

10 people present
Facilitator: Laura
Notetaker: Anthony

1. Derek’s Dirty Money
2. Where Occupy the Upper Valley is heading
3. VT statewide Occupy network
4. Announcement list: Robert stepping down, need a person to take over
5. When will we meet this summer
6. Announcements

1. Derek’s Dirty Money

Derek is not present at the GA and it was related that he was no longer enthusiastic about pursuing the Dirty Money idea.

Small size of GA: some people may be turned off by issues (in particular 9/11 reinvestigation) that members of the group support. This may just be an excuse to step away from Occupy. There are many exits but not many entrances to Occupy. We need to be an open group, not an in-group of the faithful. It is not needed for everyone to agree with every agenda/action that the Occupy group at large is undertaking.

2. Where is Occupy heading?

Perhaps we should (as Noah Chomsky) said, go into the community to listen to its needs rather than trying to impose our interests on the community.

Occupy’s function could be to get people active. Occupy should be seen as successful if people that have been involved have gone off to working groups or found other ways to make a difference. These offshoots may not define themselves as Occupy nor report to the GA but they can be seen to be a part of Occupy. The General Assembly should not be the heart of Occupy.

Ideas for increasing awareness of Occupy:
*Occupy booth at the World’s Fair
*Occupy at Solar Fest
*Wear Occupy T-shirts or buttons around all the time so that we can talk to people that ask about it.

Occupy the Upper Valley should focus on one issue this summer (such as Derek’s Dirty Money or related to Getting Money out of Politics). Nick will contact those in the GMOP working group and try to reinvigorate activity. John Rao could come to speak to the statewide GA on Money in Politics.

There needs to be a potluck. There could be a presentation of Haiti’s situation and James M’s experience at the potluck.
Potential summer BBQ/potluck date is August 4th 5pm or on Aug 3rd, First Friday. The BBQ could be followed by a presentation on Haiti.

Sept 17th is anniversary of Occupy Wall St.
Sept 16th proposed to have a VT statewide GA with music, drinks, etc., in Burlington at Battery park. Occupy groups from New England are also encouraged to meet in Boston on Sept 17th and head to NYC.

3. VT statewide Occupy Network

Stephen M is traveling around the state, visiting Occupy GA’s. He was present at the OUV meeting. The statewide Occupy Network is a social network to communicate with Occupy groups around Vermont. It will build relationships and solidarity. Occupy the Upper Valley has two contact people: Laura S and Nick C. A message that needs to get to the entire Vermont Occupy community can be sent to the local representatives. They will pass the message on to the statewide network of 10-30 people. This network of people will pass the message on to their respective local Occupy groups.

4. Announcement list

Tim will speak with Robert and take over the Announcement list if Robert needs to step down.

5. Announcements

*The cow is painted and is looking beautiful. Come July 1st when it will be presented to Entergy in Brattleboro.

*Solarfest July 20,21,22 in Tinmouth, VT. ( There will be an Occupy table there. Steve M is calling for media (posters, flyers, etc.) that have meaning for Occupy. Contact Patricia if you have an idea for something that will go at the Solarfest Occupy booth. People are needed to be at the booth at Solarfest and a videographer of the event.

GA minutes 6-10-2012

11 People present

Facilitator: Laura

Notetaker: Anthony

*Body Autonomy Bike Ride NY Occupy Wall St going on today

*National Gathering of Occupy Groups in Philadelphia on July 4th. See InterOccupy website.

*July 4th is also the 99% declaration Continental Congress 2.0. Timothy Price will be a delegate for his district.

*First Friday in White River Junction was fun and Occupy the UV will have a presence there next month.

*Village Building Convergence is coming up in Brookfield, VT July 22-24. See Occupy Website Calendar.

Working Group reports

Action Group:

SAGE is working on action related to VT Yankee for July 1. Postcards are being written to target board members of Entergy, one each week.
Need new slogans for the Post Office campaign.

Education Group:
The Future of Money workshop was well attended. Some thought the presentations could have been more in depth and the questions answered better.

911 Truth:
Richard Gage coming to Burlington and Keene this week.

Architects and Engineers have petition to sign asking for an independent investigation. 9/11 may be the only issue that will move Americans and bring about a change in the mass consciousness.

Agenda Items

Survey #2 about the future of Occupy the Upper Valley was filled out by 10 people.
Strong support for having another May 1 event, for hands on service work, for hosting the regional GA in January, for focusing on education, national and local politics, economic boycotts and outreach.

Protesting seems not to be effective. A small group like Occupy UV needs leverage to effect change.

Derek proposed the idea of “dirty money”. In the upcoming national elections in New Hampshire, Occupy the UV could have a campaign where candidates that do not report their sources of contributions are using “dirty money”. Before Citizen’s United this type of money would be considered dirty. Occupy can target the local campaign offices by marching with dirty money signs out front and getting press coverage.  The League of Women Voters may be interested in joining in on this.
Perhaps Occupy can gather pledges from people not to vote for any candidate that uses dirty money.

There was general support for this idea of dirty money and Derek will be working on the idea.

GA minutes 5-20-2012

Occupy the Upper Valley General Assembly Notes 5/20/2012

13 people present
Facilitator: Carol
Notetaker: Anthony

The GA should be more interactive. We are going to resume the more in-depth discussions at every other GA. The next GA’s topic will be the next steps of OccupytheUV, what we should focus on, what are our larger goals, results of the What’s Next Survey

Working Group Reports

Education WG:

Have been working on the workshop entitiled “The Future of Money” which will be held on May 30 at the Upper valley Food COOP Gathering Room. Need some more publicity and flyer posting for the event.

Action WG:

Will be attending the Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearing in Brattleboro on Wednesday, May 23. Every attendee will be given a chance to speak and the WG plans to sing a song entitled “One Fine Day”.  There will be carpooling from the Tip Top at 3:30 on Wed.

T-shirts are in the process of being made with the 12 promises of Entergy.

Political Performance WG:

Carol needs some performers for WIRED. In particular, “crisp” business-like roles to be played.

9-11 WG:

Richard Gage is coming to Burlington on June 13 and Keene on June 15 to present the latest Architects and Engineers film. Tim is looking for someone to hang flyers in Burlington. There will be a group from OccupyUV going to the Brattleboro showing.
First Friday

 There will be outdoor music stations around the parking lot in White River Junction across from the Hotel Coolidge. Occupy the UV will have a table there on June 1 with information pamphlets and do the raffle of books that was not done on May 1. Transition Town will be setting up the brick oven and baking bread. Ria will bring a scroll to write on for expressing opinions such as “what would you change if you were in charge?”


Should we buy more Solidarity newletters? Not yet–we’ll wait for the next edition.

Corporation Names

Brainstorming session for Carol’s performance–names for corporations: Bank Rupt America, Ex-Con Mogul, Murk, Hollow Burden, Tox News

Song Practice

The song “One Fine Day” to be sung at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday was practiced.


Perhaps a more poetic, short expression could be on the homepage. Occupy is still trying to define itself nationally and locally and it may be too soon for a statement of who we are. We will put up quotes on the homepage that change periodically, such as “When the people lead, the leaders will follow.”

GA minutes 5-6-2012

Minutes 5/6/12  OUV

Welcome, set agenda.

Debrief on May 1:

1. Leb- We discussed the diffuse tabling through out the park vs being closer so more people could hear the stage.   There was consideration of whether the tables took people away from the stage.    Another model mentioned was leaving a time with no stage activity so people could focus on the tables.

Positive agreement that different people took on different parts, we trusted and it all came together   We came a long way doing this project together.    Budget available $1,000 mostly donations from Cedar Circle Farm and Transition Town and labor donation for the posters, a few $100 donations.  It looks like we will spend $800

Unfortunately we did not have a donation jar.

Comment- speeches excellent wish we had video but we do have audio and we are working on putting that together

If anyone wants the Maypole or parts of it contact Derek

2. Montpelier- Griffin the only UVOer who stayed for the reg/vt GA said Montpelier May Day was exciting, super successful- items to bring back from Regional/Vermont General Assembly to OUV: 2 proposals- Statement of Autonomy and Declaration of Solidarity

Future dates for Statewide/regional GA- Burl in Sept,  UV in January, May, 2013 Central VT and Sept 13 in Northeast Kingdom

The outreach and facilitation working groups were formed at the first Reg/VT GA this time communication and logistics WG’s formed, the latter made up mostly of the local group hosting the next GA

We discussed whether we want a Reg/VT GA in July and considered we could possibly have a party in conjuction with Carol’s skit and invite Occupiers from through out the NE region.

We reached consensus to commit to coordinating with Occupy Vermont to host the January 2013 Regional/VT General Assembly.

Working Group Reports:  Communication- Robert and Miranda are doing all the work, Laura posts and Patricia will be posting and Anthony will come on as another administrator for the website.  Miranda listed the 6 web tools we have: discussion listserve, Announce listserve, Facebook page, Twitter account, Website, a Google account for shared documents and YouTube channel. Nichole is managing the Facebook page. Miranda asked for help on maintaining Twitter

COME TO THE WEBSITE-  New and great things there including pictures, up coming events, read the Declaration of Occupy the Upper Valley so we can discuss it at the next GA

 Action WG:  We are meeting Monday, 5/7 at 7:00 at Laura’s house to discuss a community meeting with Bernie Sanders on the PO.

911: Richard Gage has two speaking events: in Burl 6/13 and Brat or Keene 6/15  World Premier of Experts Speak Out

Education WG will have a workshop on the Future of Money at the UV Co-op 5/30 watch for info

This Tuesday 6:00 at the Center for Sustainable Practice a Transformational Occupy gathering all welcome.   5/6 there was a workshop on the Heart and Soul of Transition

Transformational Occupy meets at 6:00 pm every other Tuesday.
And Transition Town WRJ will have meetings every other week at a yet TBD time.

Hand signals reviewed upon request and welcome to new person

Brainstorm ideas for what’s next:

Annual May Day event

Jan regional GA

Collaborate with Carol’s skit

July event

Occupy the River

Picket Citizens Bank and or Bank of America in solidarity with other Occupies

Home foreclosures

Community support activity- paint houses, etc

Weekend occupy

Pop up Occupies

Day events in different towns, town permission, free food, GA, something fun

Truth seekers at campaign events

We will post a survey on Survey Monkey to get input on the above ideas- look for link to survey monkey in next announcement

Next meeting 5:30  May 20th at Lyman Point Park in Hartford- rain place being determined- Main St Museum or Tip Top (meet at park band shell first behind town hall

We reviewed the meeting:  Need time in GA’s for in depth discussion- next GA- discuss what G+S get from survey on next steps, maybe read inspiring quote before each GA

Discussion of having meeting outside, bring to more people, having our GA in conjunction with other groups

(Balancing our concerns of substance with events)


General Assembly 4-15-2012



Liz passed out copies of an open letter to postal workers endorsed by a number of organizations (including Occupy the Upper Valley, at the last General Assembly).  She invited us to pass them on to workers at our local post offices to demonstrate our support for postal workers.

Tuesday, 17 April: leafleting all day at Sykes Ave Processing and Distribution Center from 9:00 – 6:00.


On Saturday, some of us participated in a large rally to shut down Vermont Yankee with 2000 other protestors from Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts/


The Action Working Group will hold its next meeting at 7:00 Wednesday the 18th at the Norwich Public Library.


Several of us made plans for a tax day action in Hanover on Tuesday the 17th to protest and raise awareness about how our tax money is allocated in the federal budget.  Hanover, outside Collis Center at Main and Wheelock, 12 – 2.

2012 Tax Day Flier

2012 Tax Day Flier Backside

We agreed to meet at the Lebanon Green for a General Assembly on Sunday, 22 April at 4:30, on the recommendation that meeting there will help us in visualizing how we will use the venue on May Day event.


There would be a communications working group meeting following the meeting (and there was, such as it was.)




May Day planning.


We used the remainder of the meeting discussing plans for our [May Day event on the Lebanon Green.]


Patricia expressed doubt that we had a sufficient number of persons organizing and contributing to pull the event off.  After some discussion, we decided to continue with the planning with the ambition of achieving an event of a scale we could manage with the numbers we had.


Permits and Money

Anthony reported that he has secured insurance, and is still waiting for a permit from the town.

Tim was worried about not being granted a permit.  When he went to get a permit for music, the Lebanon police had told him that bicycles were disallowed on street per city ordinance [sic].  After some discussion about this issue, we decided to potential legal problems by eliminating a bicycle ride from the planned agenda for May 1.


Anthony reported we have $400 from Cedar Circle, $100 from an anonymous donor, $250 from Transition Town, and will have donation buckets at the event itself.  Our costs are insurance, food, and supplies.  Right now our costs and funds roughly balance.

Anthony asked whether we want to create a bank account or use cash.  After some discussion, we decided that we would not need to write checks and did not need a bank account.

We requested volunteers, and recognized Anthony and Simon as treasurers for the May Day event.


Tim asked if we felt it was acceptable for him to have a dedicated donation bucket for a particular cause at the event (in this case, one for 9/11 Truth at the 9/11 Truth table).  We agreed that this was perfectly acceptable.


We drew up a draft timeline of planned events for May Day:


2pm setup

300 welcome

305 mike check

310 Mark and Tim: songs

320 speakers: Patty from usps.

330 music.

350 speaker: President of Mascoma teachers’ union.

400 music: Laura Simon

425 keynote address: Gus Speth of Chelsea Green

500 spiral dance, skit, may pole.

540 Fogey Mountain Boys

600 green room

620 general assembly.

710 clean up.


Montpelier event


Liz passed on from Griffin that there is statewide General Assembly scheduled for 4-6 on May Day in Montpelier.

Patricia encouraged us to stay in Lebanon, as we will likely need as many people as we can get to make our local event a success.




We plan to have food available throughout the afternoon (there is no particular time dedicated to a meal).


Patricia: We have committed ourselves to free food.  There is a food committee. There will be a bread oven.  There will be pizza.  We hope to procure a bicycle generator to run a blender for smoothies.

Derek expressed opposition to insisting on making all food at the event free.  What happens if money falls short?  And also: we are excluding small businesses that we ought to be supporting, by inviting them to participate by selling food at the event.

Karen: We want to give away free food as a generous action, and to encourage a gift economy.

Liz, as a point of information: Occupy Wall Street had central kitchen with free (donated) food.

Michael: Nothing is free.  We do want to support local businesses.

Simon: We have 3-4 people who are backing free food and doing work to make it happen, agreed on this at last general assembly, and it is already on publicity.

Deb: Can’t we have both? i.e. give away food and also host local vendors?

Miranda: If we allow vendors to sell food, this will attract more people to the event.

Tim: Nationally there is a call not to not use money on May Day.  But the presence of vendors alongside free food does not compromise the event.

Patricia: Can i invite farmer’s market people to come?

There was some encouragement and no objection.

We came to an agreement that while we would continue our project to provide free food, we hold no principled objection to inviting local businesses to come to the green to sell food during the event, and that this was desirable in some ways (i.e. supporting local businesses and drawing people to the event)

Patricia volunteered to contact and invite local farmers and vendors.


Dogs on leashes with poop bag are welcome on the Lebanon Green.


Derek has two 10′X10′ tents which he will provide.


We need table and chair pickups from St Pauls at 1:00, or preferably from the Methodist Church.  We need pickup trucks.  Some of us do have them.

We decided to sign up for work shifts at end of the meeting.


Michael agreed to work with Patricia on preparing the Occupy table.



We distributed 100 larger and 100 smaller posters advertising the event among those present and coordinated posting them at key locations in area town.



Miranda is concerned that we could be posting too much to town listservs: Thetford has a very active listserv.  The pattern in the past has been that when the volume of political content reaches a certain level, or content that is perceived as extraneous to the purpose of the town listserv, there is a backlash, and many people leave the listserv, resentful of people who have been posting the content they perceive as political or off topic.  Then the subscribers reassert the specifity of the listserv.  Miranda believes that by posting excessive political content, we are likely losing more sympathy than we are gaining.

After discussing this question, we agreed that we should be mindful of the issue and we should exercise discretion accordingly, in what and how much we post to town listservs, and in the framing and phrasing of posts.


I missed a small part of the meeting to break out and discuss communications with the communications working group.  I believe that during this time we allotted roles for contacting various organizations to solicit their participation in the May Day event.


Website: Anthony is designing a page for May Day information (  Since the web address on our posters directs to the occupy home page (, Miranda will be designing a prominent link on the home page to the May Day page.


I polled those present on what day of the week was a good day to send the weekly announce email.  Thursday was.




General Assembly 4-1-2012

Facilitator: Deb Hawthorn

Stacker: Liz Bloom

Notes: Sandy Marmar

Griffin: Timekeeper

Introductions: w/ names & what we giving up to attend this meeting


  • Liz & others Friday met w/ reporter about USPS.
  • Nicole attended Saturday to trails club re; USPS
  • Ulrike: Wednesday attended in Montpelier Panel on fracking,
  • Nick: Concern for Internet security. What formats best for security?
  • Monthly meeting of Sage alliance – April 14 at Brattleboro shut down VT Yankee. Plans to rent school bus to get a crowd there. Rally Brattleboro Green, Rain space in middle school.
  • Griffin: April 14 training at CCV part of nation wide interactive television in Wilder
  • Liz Blum: Vote no to VT S207 – Support single payer healthcare. 802-828-2228 Sergeant At Arms.
  • Deb Hawthown – Video screening Tues. film Conversation Andrew Harvey & Carolyn Baker. Upper Valley Coop. Look @ death & rebirth how occupy can work with – time: 7:00 Tues April 3rd(This has been cancelled)  The video can be viewed at:Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker.

 Working Groups:

  • Carol – Wired coming along well
  • Friday action against Post Office closing began at Lyman post office, visited local post offices, and finished at Sykes Avenue plant.
  • Laura: Action group joined in strategies of USPS
  • Tuesday – meetings 5:00 at upper valley food coop – May Day Planning committee.

Discussion Topics

Liz Bloom – USPS – largest employer of disabled Vets – Closing date 5/19/12

Open Letter to Postal Workers read by Laura – Vote to endorse letter w/ Nick cool about endorsement. The general assembly agreed to sign the letter.

April 17th – action to occupy post office

Read article by Jim Hightower – lot of talking points

May Day: Planning meeting today after GA Meeting, Come to final conclusions as group:

Committee Meeting: Overriding theme. Insurance, finances: Need to come up w/ money for event insurance.

Discussion Topics:

Do we want to spend $ on this event. Occupy’s overriding values.

Karen – concern, event co-sponsored by —–. Ask if they want to be acknowledged or not.

Derrick – established how we present ourselves: ie: A Traditional May Day celebration to bring people together. Karen: messaging important, who will write letter of intent.

  • - Soup kitchen
  • - Contributions to event & to co-sponsors
  • - Accessibility of event
  • - Food committee
  • - Food should not be for cost. Anthony & Carol check on Lebanon people.
  • - Food not bombs

Outreach Group:

Tables, & line up inside place in case of rain.

Karen –local farms, & getting donations of food.

Some ideas & concerns were shared Meeting ended and most stayed to discuss May Day Planning Ideas

May Day Planning Meeting:

Anthony marcouxathushmaildotcom -603-448-0755 has agreed to be the go to person to coordinate all May Day committees and individuals that are in contact with other groups.

Weekly meetings of the May Day Planning Committee: Tuesdays – 5:00 PM at Upper Valley Food Coop.

-where: Lebanon Green

-when May 1st – 3 to 4 hour event; 3:00 – 7:00

-what – booths, spiral dance, music, bicycle, skit, food, fliers, posters, speakers.


  • Derrick will check with AVA gallery. Listen, Karen has list of organizations for outreach. Local music, (Nicole – rails club) (A better world is possible or Another world is) Try to include sustainability part of group.
  • Patricia – Umbrella – look at local development.
  • Advocating for certain causes to tie everything together.
  • Food = everywhere, town hall. (Sustainable & just and peaceful world is possible) – 2013 is the 100th anniversary of the Gettesburg address. Slogan group needs to have soon.
  • Form skeleton framework of event.

- Meeting ended at 6:00 PM


General Assembly 3-18-2012


Facilitator: Karen Ganey  Stacker: Kristine Arvizu  Notes: Laura Simon (and Mark)

 Welcome:  Turn to partner and share what seeds do you see yourself planting now to be harvest a year from now.  We took 5 minutes to share between pairs and then shared in the larger circle.  Some of what people wanted to see included:  streamline the process of our group, see more people involved, more connections, progress on money out of politics, free press

Announcements:  information provided on recent and upcoming VT Yankee actions

Deb Hawthorn is starting the Education Working Group- contact her if interested

Patricia announcements: 1. people going toMontpelierto hear Charles Einstein talk- see Patricia if interested

2. D-acres is working on alternative currency/skill share

3. See Tidal Magazine- insightful articles on Occupy issues including the one we have to read and probably we’ll discuss at the next GA

Pan gave out flyers for the Heart of Social Change Workshop he is doing in May  Contact Pan for more info

Karen announced two opportunities for people to connect withTransitionTownin theUpperValley: Transition Town/Occupy Pot Luck Friday 3/25 6-8:30 at the Center for Sustainable Practice in WRJ    Also April13-15 a retreat group process and movement building   watch for the notice

Working Groups: 

 Banking WG met and discussed how banks work and what can be done to make change

911- Tim asked if anyone did not feel certain the government was behind the 911 crisis

He provided a CD to those who said they were not convinced

Action WG- editing of the puppet show on the PO issue is winding down, distribution to start soon  Action WG members involved in VT Yankee and PO actions POpicket coming up this week, probably Friday noon in front of McDonald’s


 PO- There was a study to analyze impact of closings, many parts of study blacked out

Cumulative impact now shown      Suggested related topic: Roger Mitchell’s Monetary Sovernity- look up the definition of this in Wikipedia and then google Roger Mitchell and get insight into the PO issue   Bernie Sander’s bill would roll back the changes currently being pushed through that are trying to bring down the PO   Myth- the PO has a financial crisis- it has been manufactured to bring them down

TRUE DEMOCRACY- related to inequities, revolution of the spirit to effect true change, change in personal life to liberate from existing structures, redefine good life- what brings satisfaction

VT YANKEE- Thursday action in Brattleb  carpool from Tip Top 9:45 Bread and Puppet, brass bands 

 OUTREACH (G+S)- May 1st work stoppage   no consumption, making flyer and posters, Maypole, write on ribbons   non-work project- art, music, party, make bread, bike ride, P.O. excursion, workers speak out

 Sustainable farming involvement, reskilling and education    ad hoc committee for planning May first  next meeting Tuesday 20th, 6:30-8:00 PM  co-op upper valley upstairs to plan May 1st event

When someone asked what we call ourselves- participants ofOccupyUpperValley


General Assembly 3-4-2012

Upper Valley General Assembly

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Attendance about 22.

Facilitator: Laura, Stack: Nick, Notes: Robert

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